Utilize one of the only bioDensity machines in the U.S. through a series of concise exercises tailored to your frame.


STRENGTHENED : Stronger from improved bone density. blood sugar and oxygenation.

During the course of a space flight, astronauts lose 1-2% of their bone density in a month. For short space flights, this isn’t a major issue but for long space flights that is a major challenge. As a result, NASA has become one of the foremost leaders in how to combat a very down-to-earth problem: osteoporosis. In addition to calcium supplements and diet, NASA’s strategy for maintaining bone density rests on a key insight: bones need pressure.

As bones are put under pressure, the osteoblasts inside the bone register this pressure and increase the bone’s density to better be able to resist these kinds of pressures. Bones, like most human tissues, demonstrate what risk analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls Anti-Fragility. While non-living objects are fragile. Put a watch or a car under lots of pressure and they smash. However, put living systems under just the right amount of pressure and they can actually get stronger. That is anti-fragility.

    Out of NASA’s research, The Biodensity Machine was born. It was designed to give you the same experience on earth that elite astronauts get in space. Astronauts can’t lift weights in space because in space weights don’t have weight. As a result, astronauts must work out against themselves. Although this is simply a necessity of working out in space, it is actually a superior way of working out here on Earth. Lifting weights is a recipe for injury. People pick weights that are too heavy. They use bad form and jerk the weights suddenly and chaotically leading to injury. With Biodensity, the forces are entirely generated by you and so are calibrated to what your body can handle. Moreover, because the movements are static movement, The Rewire Project’s staff is there to get you in the exact position to correctly execute each movement. The result is not only a targeted and more effective workout but also a safer one.

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