A three minute fully immersive cold therapy session.


AWAKENED : Soothed as your body's inflammatory response interrupts pain and relieves joint stiffness.



If you bang a knee, an elbow or your head, it’s quite likely that you’ll head to the freezer, grab some ice and cool it down. While many people think of this as a physical process in which the cold makes the swelling contract, it is also a biochemical process. The cold causes the skin to release chemicals that reduce swelling. Those anti-inflammatory chemicals don’t just stay at that site. Instead, they circulate all the way around the body. That’s why professional athletes soak their entire bodies in ice baths. That way, the skin of the entire body is recruited to create anti-inflammatory chemicals.


    The Rewire Project brings a series of techniques designed to tap into this effect from ice baths administered at home to whole body cryotherapy. In all cases, The Rewire Team helps you change the environment in a customized way to create the exact adaptations you need at this stage in your journey.

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