Recalibrate posture through optimizing sensory inputs from your eyes to your toes.



ALIGNED: Old injuries and adaptations get peeled away, restoring energy and hormonal balances.


Typical exercise programs focus heavily on muscle growth and cardiovascular efficiency. However, they make no mention of the nervous tissue that controls them both. And yet, nervous tissue is actually at the root of why so many people in the modern world end up needing back surgery, knee replacements and shoulder surgery. That’s because nerves come in two basic forms: excitatory and inhibitory. Some nerves turn muscles on and some nerves turn muscles off. It’s the latter that can cause so many problems.


When you are injured, a whole series of mechanisms kick in to immobilize the injured body part so it can heal. The body parts swell, get stiff and inhibitory neurons switch off muscles so they can’t move. In the short term, this can be incredibly useful. However, if we continue to do the motion causing the injury, then the body keeps that muscle switched off. With that muscle switched off, other muscles have to jump in to complete the motion. The result is a cascading effect that can lead to very real joint and bone damage.

   However, while medical specialists will tend to focus on the site of injury, the root cause can actually be somewhere else in the body. If you have back pain and you go to a back doctor, then they will look only at your back. They’ll do an MRI. And they’ll see a problem there. However, if you look at the whole system of muscle and nerve tissue, you may find that the source of your back pain is actually in your feet. If the feet are not doing their job, then those forces end up getting transmitted up the legs to the back which ends up taking the strain. Even if you have back surgery, you haven’t actually fixed the underlying root cause. At The Rewire Project in Santa Monica, we don’t want you to have to have surgery unless absolutely necessary. To achieve that goal, we bring to bear a series of techniques designed to get your entire kinetic chain (all the muscles, nerves, bones and joints in your body) working optimally.


The first step in this process is Postural Recalibration. Look around you and you will see plenty of your fellow humans have all sorts of postural issues.

That postural misalignment leads to distortions in the kinetic chain that set up a wide range of possible injuries.

That’s why the cornerstone of the Rewire Project’s approach to optimizing your nervous system is Postural Recalibration.


A basic tenet of data science is “garbage in, garbage out.” If a system gets garbage data in, then it will put out garbage results. The same is true for the human body. And for many humans, the nervous system is getting garbage data from head to toe.


Nine of ten people have an eye muscle imbalance. This means that the eyes aren’t equally good at converging on a given point. However, the brain doesn’t know this and so processes the mismatched information from the eyes into creating a mismatched body posture. With a simple set of eye convergence exercises done for thirty seconds three times a day, you can help improve your eye convergence. As your brain gets better data, it will recalibrate your posture creating a more effective kinetic chain that reduces the strain on muscles and joints and helps prevent injury.


At the other end of the kinetic chain, 72% of people have some kind of foot imbalance. With the use of special magnetic shoe inserts worn throughout the day, the body can re-examine the information it is picking up from the feet and recalibrate the posture accordingly.



                                                                                                        WHAT YOU DO

                                                                                                                                Non-invasive isometric activations to target, stimulate and

                                                                                                                         jumpstart muscle growth.

                                                                                                                 HOW YOU FEEL

                                                                                                              RESTORED : Alleviate injury and pain with increases

                                                                                                                           in mobility and range of motion.










Rewire complements this postural recalibration with MAT - Muscle Activation Techniques ®  . In this technique (developed by Greg Roskopf and used by the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets) the body is                   systematically assessed to identify which muscle groups are not doing their job and bringing them back online. This process requires a one-on-one consult with Tony or another qualified MAT professional. Between Postural Recalibration and MAT, we can get your nervous system working for you and clear out any kinks in your kinetic chain allowing you to move better and prevent the kind of injuries that lead to surgery.


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