• Tony Molina

The Problems of the Diet and Exercise Industry

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

In the West, it has become a declaration of faith that “we should all eat well and exercise.” The problem is that while everybody agrees that we should do these things nobody can agree on what this means.

By now, we have all been exposed to countless diets from The South Beach Diet to The Grapefruit Diet to Atkins to Paleo to Keto to Vegetarianism and Veganism. Foods that were once supposedly bad for us like fat and red meat were suddenly determined to be good for us. And foods that were supposedly good for us can suddenly find themselves being linked with cancer and diabetes. Moreover, diets often cause us to lose weight but so distort our metabolism that we can end up gaining more weight just a few months after we finish the diet.

The problems of the diet industry are only compounded in the exercise industry. There’s a constant stream of trendy exercise regimes from The Nordic Track to Bowflex and from Seven-Minute Abs to P90X. And yet, all too often, these exercise regimes fail to deliver constant results in large part because they set people up again and again for injury. Responsible people set out to exercise by jogging, playing tennis or playing golf only to find that their attempts to get healthier actually make them so sick they need surgery.

In fact, many people who come to The Rewire Project come because they did what we all should do. They “ate well and exercised regularly.” And yet, they still found themselves with tennis elbow, back injuries from golf, herniated discs from lifting weights and blown out knees from trying to get fit.

That’s why The Rewire Project isn’t part of the diet and exercise industry. It’s not about gimmicks that promise health and fitness but actually deliver injury over the long term. It’s not about feeling like you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. The Rewire Project is about equipping you with the tools and strategies to take charge of your health in a sustainable way over the long term.

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