Challenge your body and mind through a series of experiences that reintroduce you to what it means to exist in the natural world.


CONNECTED : Reconnected to nature and your body's natural ability to thrive in the elements.


After years or even decades living in captivity, animals need to be rewilded in order to help them be able to survive in their natural habitat. The same is true for human beings. While our ancestors survived with relative ease in the wild, many of us are utterly lacking in those skills. We struggle to walk, hike and climb. As a result, there is a growing movement to help rewild humans. The Rewire Project in Santa Monica is a part of that movement.


    Over the last two decades, Val and Tony Molina have helped hundreds of people rewire their bodies to the stage where they can get back out into nature and there is no better way to test, measure and focus those efforts than by using a mountain. From Kilimanjaro to the Matterhorn to Aconcagua, members of The Rewire Community have built their skills up to climbing some of the world’s most challenging peaks. As CEOs, filmmakers and stay-at-home moms have realized with the help of Rewire, mastering the challenges posed by mountains makes the challenges of everyday life seem like easily surmountable molehills.

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